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Dividends & Splits

Dividends & Splits

Dividend Payment Dates

Quarterly dividends on Hess Corporation Common Stock generally are paid, following declaration by the Board of Directors, the last business days of March, June, September and December

Dividend Reinvestment Plan (DRIP)

Hess Corporation's Dividend Reinvestment Plan, offered through Computershare, provides a means of increasing your investment in Hess Corporation's Common Stock. the program features dividend reinvestments, optional cash investments of $50 to $20,000 a year and safekeeping of stock certificates.

Information concerning the Dividend Reinvestment Plan available to holders of Hess Corporation common stock may be obtained by writing to:

Dividend Reinvestment Department
P.O. Box 43006
Providence RI 02940-3006

Telephone: 1-866-203-6215